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NFL Free Agency Quick Hits: Tarvaris Jackson, Marion Barber, Donovan McNabb, Carson Palmer

Most fans and media analysts anticipated that the NFL offseason would resemble a circus, yet it's difficult to be prepared for anything like this. Honestly, there's simply nothing to do but try to keep up with what is real and try to get to what is rumored as much as you can. That's the reason we're providing some quick hits for you as you try to sift through the avalanche of NFL news. Away we go...

*Donovan McNabb is possibly headed to the Minnesota Vikings as ESPN reports that the Redskins and Vikes are talking trade for McNabb's services. Minny's last veteran acquisition worked out rather well, at least for one magical season, so they're hoping that McNabb can do the same. It's undetermined what any trade would cost the Vikings, but the Redskins should certainly expect at least a mid-round choice in 2012.

*Matt Hasselbeck's career in Seattle is officially over according to multiple sources, leaving Pete Carroll and his staff with last year's acquisition in Charlie Whitehurst and new signing Tarvaris Jackson. It's an interesting scenario to dump one proven talent like Hasselbeck, whose main issue is staying healthy, for another who never made it in Minnesota. And given what Hasselbeck was able to do in last season's amazing playoff run... well, this one just doesn't make sense unless Hasselbeck was determined to leave.

*Carson Palmer is apparently retiring rather than returning to the Bengals, proving that his threats this offseason weren't empty. It's still difficult to tell what will happen until the season officially opens, but be prepared for a game of chicken between Bengals owner Mike Brown and the franchise quarterback. Andy Dalton waits in the wings either way as Cincy's QB of the future.

*The Cowboys have cut several notable players including RB Marion Barber and WR Roy Williams. Both players should find quick homes with other franchises, and the Williams' release in particular must sting after paying such a high cost of several draft choices and $20 million.