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Texas Leads The 2012 Football Recruiting Battle In Early Going

The fact that the Texas Longhorns leads the college football recruiting standings with seven months to go before National Signing Day for the 2012 recruting class is not exactly breaking news. The Longhorns are well known for securing commitments from the top high school players they want (mostly from the state of Texas) very early in the recuiting process virtually every year.

Texas already has 18 commitments, according to information researched by the staff at Sporting News. What might be more newsworthy, however, is who sits right behind the Longhorns at this stage of the game. Texas’ chief in-state rival, the Aggies of Texas A&M, are currently ranked second and have four more commitments (22) thus far than their archrivals.

Another Texas and Big 12 school is tenth in the Sporting News recuiting rankings for next year’s class. Texas Tech has commitments from 16 prospects, ten of which came in June alone.

Filling out the Sporting News top ten in recruiting at this early stage are 3) Michigan, 4) University of Miami, 5) Alabama, 6) LSU, 7) Florida State, 8) Florida and 9) Auburn.