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Chiefs Without Personality With Loss Of Brian Waters, Shaun Smith

While most fans are concerned about the loss of significant forces along the offensive and defensive lines when it comes to the Kansas City Chiefs loss of Brian Waters and Shaun Smith respectively, Kansas City Star reporter Randy Covitz details another loss when he stated the reality of the new Chiefs locker room with a recent Twitter post. Covitz wrote, “No Waters, no Shaun Smith = a quoteless Chiefs locker room for reporters.” It’s an interesting point that the team is now without a real charismatic personality for the first time since Scott Pioli took over.


Perhaps a new free agent signing will be an eccentric type or maybe a rookie will develop into a character, but at this point Scott Pioli has to be pleased with the side note of not having any sort of dramatic players in house. Of course, that’s no reason to sign or not sign a player, so in no way should it be read into the release of Waters or loss of Smith. It’s simply a point that a franchise with a tight grip on the release of information now seems without a player willing to challenge the company line.