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Nebraska Cornhusker Football Recruit Bubba Starling And The Royals Appear Apart At The Moment

Browsing twitter this morning I came across the feed of Sean Callahan, who covers Nebraska football for Per Callahan, Starling is reportedly looking for $10 million to sign with the Kansas City Royals. The Royals are at the moment offering $7.5 million to sign the former Gardner-Edgerton star player.

I had not been able to find the information Callahan is referring to at the's website, but it certainly is news that will make Royals fan nervous. Of course Callahan is going to use his words wisely in making it sound hopeful for many of the Nebraska fans he serves.

At the moment I don't know how much discussion Dayton Moore has had with Starling or his agent but you can be certain the Royals front office will put on the full court press with Starling once the calenders turns over to the month of August.

Only twice since 2004 have the Royals signed their first round draft choice before August. At this point I wouldn't worry too much Kansas City fans.