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Joey Chestnut Wraps Up His Fifth Straight Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest


In what seems to be one of the sillier recent traditions on the 4th of July, Joey Chestnut won his fifth straight mustard belt as he won the 2011 Nathan's Famous Hot Dog eating competition with 62 hot dogs and buns consumed in 10 minutes on Monday at New York's Coney Island.

Make no mistake about it, the competitors take the event very seriously, as it is the premiere event on the Major League Eating circuit. Pat Bertoletti finished in second with 53 , while Tim "Eater-X" Janus finished in third place.

During a 10-minute span, the 27-year old Chestnut consumed 19,158 calories and 1,246 grams of fat which is an absurd amount for anyone, let alone someone as in shape as Chestnut.

Unlike last year, Takeru Kobayashi was no where to be seen as he was not at the event, or atleast not featured on television as being in the crowd.

62 hot dogs and buns was short of Chestnut's 2009 record of 68, but considering the temperature was in the 90's today at New York and the event is outside, Chestnut's feat was still an amazing feat.