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Half of Big 12 Among The Top 20 Most Profitable Division I Athletic Programs

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Twenty-two of the 228 NCAA Division I schools took in enough revenue to cover their expenses and generate a profit in the 2009-10 academic year, according to USA Today research and information made available by the individual schools.

Six of those 22 institutions were from the Big 12 Conference, and all five — Oklahoma State, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas State, Texas A&M and Nebraska — were in the top 20 schools in generating a profit in 2009-10.

According to USA Today, Oklahoma State led all Big 12 schools during that period, reporting a profit of $16.9 million on generated revenue of $100.7 million. That ranked fifth in the country. The University of Texas was seventh, with profit of $13.1 million and Oklahoma was eighth ($10.8 million)

Also in the top 20 most profitable were Kansas State ($7.8 million, Texas A&M ($$6.8 million) and Nebraska ($1.7 million).