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Brock Berglund Back In Lawrence?

Just a few days ago Lawrence Journal World reporter Tom Keegan published his prediction that incoming Kansas recruit Brock Berglund wouldn’t play a down in Lawrence. That prediction was met with a good deal of anger by the Kansas fanbase due to the approach and what was perceived as an attack on a young player. Now just a few days later Jayhawkslant is reporting through twitter that Berglund is in fact back in Lawrence.

In Keegan’s defense it is only July and Berglund still hasn’t played a down for the Jayhawks. Considering the incoming freshman arrived in both January and June before twice returning home, things seem far from certain.

Still Berglund’s return at least seems to lend more credence to the oft rumored private personal matters at home that Berglund needed to be present for. Those could be wrapped up at this point or it’s quite possible that another stint in Colorado could be in store down the line.

Either way the the smart money is going to be on Jordan Webb at quarterback for Kansas. But for a fanbase that has little confidence in the quarterback situation at present, Berglund’s return provides a small sigh of relief that there could at the very least be some strong competition going forward.