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Press Conference To Be Held Today To Officially Name Jurgen Klinsmann As U.S. Men's Soccer Coach

47-year old Jurgen Klinsmann will officially be named the head soccer of the USMNT soccer team in a press conference on Monday, as he replaces the recently fired Bob Bradley. Bradley had held the position since 2006.

Klinsmann, a native of Germany, was a star striker for the German National Team from 1987-1998 scoring 47 goals in 108 matches.

He also held the post as Germany’s head coach from 2004-06. He lead the German side to a third place finish at the 2006 World Cup held in Germany.

Despite leading the squad to great success, Klinsmann was let go following the World Cup. He would go on to coach Bayern Munich in parts of 2008-09 before moving into a role as a soccer analyst on television.