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Royals Set Franchise Record With 12-0 Whitewashing Of Indians Over Weekend

The Royals 12-0 shutout of the Cleveland Indians on Friday proved to be more than a payback for the 19-1 drubbing the Indians leveled on Kansas City earlier this season at Kauffman Stadium. According to the Elias Sports Bureau, Saturday’s win over the Indians was the largest shutout victory on the road in the Royals’ 42-year history, a span of 3,389 games.

Based on Elias’ statistical data base, one of the most extensive and reliable in professional sports, It also marked the longest period of time that any time in MLB history has gone that long before recording a shutout victory of 12 or more runs. The previous record was 2,486 games by the New York Giants from 1883 to 1918.