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Madden '12 Ratings: Buffalo Bills, Miami Dolphins First Teams Fully Unveiled

ESPN is apparently going to use their relationship with the Madden '12 crew to drag out the mutual revealing of player and team ratings in the upcoming Madden '12 version of the longstanding NFL video game series. It seems ESPN is starting with the AFC since the Miami Dolphins and Buffalo Bills are the first two teams fully unveiled for fans to check out the individual ratings from top to bottom. 

Going by the order they have across the top, the Kansas City Chiefs will be the sixth team unveiled and the AFC West should be up next as a conference, which will create many points of conversation in the days to come. However, until then, Both teams already revealed have much to show us concerning players of interest.

For the Bills, Shawne Merriman is now an 80 overall player, a shadow of his former self in the video game and on the field. Steve Johnson has eclipsed a surprisingly low Lee Evans as a receiver, 86 to 81. And as much as we've discussed just how big of a loss Paul Posluszny was to the Bills defense, the game agrees, making the linebacker the second best position player on the team with an 87 overall rating.

For the Dolphins, the quarterback position is a mess with Chad Henne given a 77 rating and former Chief Tyler Thigpen a 69. Former No. 1 overall selection Jake Long is a 97, while rookie Mike Pouncey is a 79. Brandon Marshall is one of the best receivers in the game with a 92 overall score.