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Kansas City Chiefs Have 'Great Pairing' At Inside Linebacker With Brandon Siler, Derrick Johnson

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Pro Football Focus recently released an interesting list of 10 key additions from the offseason that provided upgrades to what certain teams already had in place. I’ll leave the full explanation and list of disclaimers to them, but it’s interesting that they see the Chiefs addition of Brandon Siler as a point worth mentioning — especially when other free agents like Kelly Gregg and Steve Breaston could warrant a mention.

This is good news for a Chiefs defense that already has a dynamic young secondary in place and a decent front line that’s also filled with potential. Jovan Belcher held down the starting spot alongside Derrick Johnson a year ago, and it’s safe to assume that Belcher will still get plenty of reps. But if the Chiefs like what they see in Siler, he could be the new starter. And that’s what PFF likes in the pairing with DJ:

Last year we only saw a noticeably out of shape (via injury) Siler pick up a marginally better rating that Mays. On the surface, not enough to make this article, but move back a year and you’ll see a Siler who has the kind of physical traits that earned him our fifth-highest grade for all inside linebackers. He’s the perfect complement for Derrick Johnson – the athlete who can make plays in coverage paired with the front footed linebacker that Siler is. The Chiefs have got themselves a great pairing there.

I’m not sure why Belcher isn’t mentioned here, but I like the insight into the history of Siler’s potential. If conditioning is the issue for Siler, then he’s landed in the right camp with Todd Haley and company. And with the talent he’s surrounded by on all sides, he might find himself free to put up his best stats to date.