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Why Is WR Keary Colbert Signing With Kansas City Chiefs?

With the rumors swirling on Twitter that Keary Colbert has reportedly reached a deal with the Kansas City Chiefs, it begs two questions: what role could Colbert play on the team and what does he have left?

Nick Wright
notes that he can’t imagine Colbert being anything but a coach given the team’s stack of wide receivers already in camp. That’s a valid concern — the number at least — seeing the names already stacked up. Steve Breaston, Dwayne Bowe, Terrance Copper, Jon Baldwin, Jerheme Urban, Dexter McCluster, Verran Tucker, Jeremy Horne, Chandler Williams, Josue Paul, Chris Manno, Zeke Markshausen. Those are the names of the guys already in Chiefs training camp.

Of course, several of those names will fall by the wayside or at least hit the practice squad. But Copper, Baldwin, Breaston, Bowe, Urban and McCluster aren’t going anywhere. Tucker and others have also impressed. It’s hard to imagine Colbert has a spot on the team, especially when he even recently signed with the UFL’s Sacramento franchise.

As for Colbert’s receiving prowess, well, it hasn’t been on display since 2008 when he caught 12 receptions in 11 games with the Detroit Lions and Denver Broncos. The year before that, in 2007, he caught 32 passes. In 2006? Colbert caught just 5 receptions. That means the sum total of Colbert’s productivity in the last 5 seasons has been less than 50 total catches.

Scott Pioli wouldn’t bring in Colbert if there wasn’t some reason. Perhaps he’s a diamond in the rough. Perhaps he’s the next receivers coach or an assistant of some type. But it is an intriguing move for a team that hasn’t brought in many players this off-season thus far.