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Kansas City Royals Vs. Nebraska Cornhuskers: Bubba Starling's Decision To Come Down To Wire

It's not compelling. It's not interesting. At this point, the only word to describe the ongoing negotiations (or make that, waiting game) between Bubba Starling and the Kansas City Royals is "predictable." That's because Scott Boras is involved as Starling's agent which means everything will be drawn out down to the wire, costing the Royals millions and costing Starling the chance to play significant summer baseball this year.

The threat is that Starling could head to the Nebraska Cornhuskers as a quarterback recruit and follow his love of football. However, that would cost him millions of dollars -- likely up to $9 or 10 million -- and it's hard to imagine many 18-year-olds consulting with a mega-agent doing that. After all, not only would Starling risk injury and the chance to play baseball professionally, but his agent would also be risking financially as well, hoping that Starling becomes an NFL-level quarterback -- a tall order for a guy who just walked for his high school graduation.

The nearly-guaranteed reality at this point despite any quotes that you hear is that Starling will sign on the dotted line at the stroke of midnight (or somewhere thereabouts) on August 15 and find a home in the Kansas City minor league system. And we will yawn all the way knowing that it was likely to play out like this since the beginning.