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NFL Free Agency: Jared Gaither Signs With Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs have signed free agent tackle Jared Gaither, formerly of the Baltimore Ravens. For those keeping tabs, Gaither makes it four players and coaches that the Chiefs have taken from the Ravens just this offseason. Gaither joins LeRon McClain, Kelly Gregg and Jim Zorn who have all come over from Baltimore.

Gaither is coming off a back injury in 2010 that sidelined him for the entire 2010 season. But if healthy, Gaither could compete to start at either tackle position. This is a huge signing for the Chiefs. Literally, Gaither is one of the largest players in the NFL at an astounding 6'9 340lbs.

Gaither has already showed he is ready to join the Chiefs, and not to mention that he said two of his closest friends in football are LeRon McClain and Brandon Albert. Gaither will see many familiar faces when he joins the Chiefs.

From a roster standpoint Gaither will most likely compete with Barry Richardson and Ryan O' Callaghan for the starting right tackle spot. Richardson started every game last season for the Chiefs, but the 25-year old Gaither when healthy, could give Richardson a run for his money for the starting tackle spot.

This is a fantastic low risk/high reward move by the Chiefs, who have seemingly addressed every supposed-weakness on the teams depth chart. This will be another player to watch this preseason.