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Stormy Weather Postpones Scheduled Sprint Cup Road Race At Watkins Glen

If you're a fan of NASCAR, you'll have to wait till Monday, weather permitting, to see who wins the annual late-summer Sprint Cup race at the historic Watkins Glen International road course. Rainy weather postponed the race until 9 a.m. CT Monday.

Postponed Sprint Cup race at Watkins Glen
Postponed Sprint Cup race at Watkins Glen

A steady rain started falling during the pre-race ceremonies for Sunday's NASCAR Sprint Cup race at Watkins Glen International road course. When the rain failed to let up, NASCAR officials delayed the start of the race. Just as they thought they might have a window of opportunity to get things under way when the showers started to let up a little and began getting the jet-dryer equipment ready to dry out the track surface, heavy showers began to fall again. After a three-hour delay, the decision was made to postpone the race until 9 a.m. CT Monday morning.

The weather forecast for Monday calls for a 60 percent chance of more rain in the Watkins Glen area. This is the second time in the last three years that a NASCAR event at Watkins Glen has had to be pushed back a day due to the weather.

NASCAR officials were aware that bad weather was moving in on Sunday. They even moved up the start time in an attempt to get the race started ahead of the rain, but Mother Nature won out.

"You'd like to be racing, but this is part of it and this is the way it works," said A.J. Allmendinger, who will start in the second position on the front row next to polesitter Kyle Busch when the race finally gets started.

"You can't fight the weather, so I just worry about stuff I can control, Martin Ambrose said. Ambrose will start third on the inside of the second row on the grid. "The cover is on the car, and it's ready to go," Ambrose said. "There's nothing you can do until the sun comes back out."

The way the weather forecast looks, they'll be lucky if they see just clouds.