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Bubba Watch 2011: In A Highly Scientific Poll 65% Of Votes Agree The Royals Are Bubba Starling's Best Fit

In the latest edition of Bubba Watch, Jon Bois has posted a poll on the SB Nation College Football home page asking voters if Bubba Starling should play college football at Nebraska or sign with the Kansas City Royals. As of the moment, 65% of voters believe it would be in Starling's best interest to sign with the Royals. Currently the poll has just over 160 votes.

The column is very tongue in cheek, but Bois' comrade Spencer Hall does point out that Nebraska isn't exactly known for producing NFL caliber quarterbacks. Only two University of Nebraska alums have ever been a primary starting quarterbacks for an NFL team for at least four seasons. The last was Vince Ferragomo who started for the Rams for four seasons in an NFL career that spanned 1977-1986.

Clearly Starling is a superb athlete in both sports, but it still likely will be hard to pass up the money from the hometown Royals in the end. However I wouldn't expect any news on the situation to come out until closer to the 11 pm (CST) deadline this evening.