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Could Former KC Chiefs OG Brian Waters Head To Houston Texans?

The latest report coming out from the Houston Texans is that they sustained several injuries over the weekend, specifically along the offensive line. And that might spell a connection to the Kansas City Chiefs’ longtime guard Brian Waters to ease the pain.

Waters is a Texas native and has come out saying that he’d like to end his career close to home. Most assume that means the Dallas Cowboys, but a team has to have a place for a player and the Texans certainly have needs there after their bad luck of the last few days. Antoine Caldwell and Kasey Studdard both have “serious” injuries according to PFT, and that’s a place Waters can obviously step into.

The Texans will certainly look for other options, including Leonard Davis, as well as internal possibilities. There’s no guarantee on a move like this, so it’s pure speculation at this point. But it seems the kind of obvious move that makes sense for all parties.