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Jeff Francoeur Named Biggest Fantasy Baseball Overachiever In 2011

The Kansas City Royals are apparently pleased enough with Jeff Francoeur’s presence and production for this year’s team given the two-year extension that he signed recently, but they’re not the only team enjoying Frenchy’s production.

With 15 home runs and 19 stolen bases, Francoeur is putting up a quality fantasy baseball season and that makes him Eric Karabell’s Top Overachiever in 2011 for fantasy baseball.

Karabell does caution against thinking that Frenchy is a good keeper for next season. He writes, “The Royals can do what they want, as they so often do, but fantasy owners would be wise to let Francoeur slide back into drafts next spring. In fact, I’d draft him after the 15th round in a standard league.”