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Madden '12 Ratings: New England Patriots Ratings Unveiled At ESPN

It’s not as if you needed any confirmation that the New England Patriots were going to be difficult to contend with in the upcoming 2011 NFL regular season, but the latest edition of the Madden football series agrees with that consensus. It starts with the overall quarterback play of Tom Brady (99 overall rating) and continues with a star player at nearly every position.

Brady is undoubtedly the hero here, with a 98 awareness with a 95 throwing power and 97 for throwing accuracy. Also intriguing at the position is rookie QB Ryan Mallett from Arkansas who ranks at a 69 overall, but has 98 throwing power (better than Brady). The offensive line is stacked with Logan Mankins (93), Dan Koppen (89) and Matt Light (88), while last year’s sensational rookie tight end duo also receive their due. Aaron Hernandez is an 82 overall while Ron Gronskowski is an 84.

Other notable players include Wes Welker (90), Jared Mayo (92), Vince Wilfork (96) and Devin McCourty (87). Notable rookies include Ras I-Dowling (74) and Nate Solder (75).