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Madden '12 Ratings: New York Jets Numbers For Darrelle Revis, Mark Sanchez, Others Unveiled

The numbers are slowly but surely coming out for each individual team over at ESPN for Madden ‘12 as fans countdown to their ability to finally play the game. The Chiefs will be coming up either tomorrow or Thursday but it’s interesting to see the rest of the AFC as it becomes unveiled, and the New York Jets are the latest team to see their ratings.

Mark Sanchez has had his ups and downs and that’s reflected in his 83 overall score in the game. Sanchez has a low awareness of 77 that matches otherwise decent numbers across the board in throwing power (88) and accuracy (83). The running game is much more appealing with a highly ranked fullback in Tony Richardson (88) and RBs LaDanian Tomlinson (84) and Shonn Greene (80).

Santonio Holmes resigned with the Jets this off-season and his immense talent is reflected in his game ratings as well with an 87 overall rating. Dustin Keller, the starting TE, has an 85, as does Braylon Edwards, giving Sanchez some good targets in-house. The offensive line is ridiculously good across the board, from Nick Mangold (97) to D’Brickashaw Ferguson (94).

Darrelle Revis is the team’s best player at 99 and is the best cornerback in the game. Other defensive impact players include Bart Scott (90), David Harris (92) and Shaun Ellis (90). The Jets’ first round choice, Muhammad Wilkerson, comes in at a surprisingly low 70 overall rating.