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NFL Free Agency: Aubrayo Franklin Set To Return To San Francisco 49ers, No Longer Option For Chiefs

This cannot be the way Aubrayo Franklin saw his off-season unfolding. After all, he plays the pivotal position in a defense ran by almost half of the NFL as the defensive tackle in a 3-4 scheme. It’s a golden position with not enough bodies and plenty of need, and that should have equaled a lot of attention and a nice payday for the 49er. Instead, he might be going home with a new coach and scheme.

Many believed the Kansas City Chiefs were the destination du jour for Franklin’s talents given the hole in the defensive line and the money they had to spend. Instead, Franklin is forced to look elsewhere since the Chiefs signed Kelly Gregg and apparently haven’t listened to the masses. Scott Pioli could care less what everyone else wants him to do — if he has a plan, he’s going to execute it regardless of public opinion in the moment.

Thus, Franklin is without the suitors everyone predicted. It’s surprising and might reveal that internal scouting reports on Franklin aren’t nearly as good as those circulating in the media. It’s hard to believe the disparity between perception and reality is that wide, but there’s a reason he’s unsigned at this point and forced to turn home. We will know more in the next 24 hours whether even his old team wants him anymore.