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Will Pat Gillick Really Join Chicago Cubs As Jim Hendry's Replacement As GM?

It’s hard to ignore a story like the rumors swirling around the Chicago Cubs general manager vacancy. That’s because the name linked to possibly replacing him is the well-traveled Pat Gillick, the 73-year-old man behind the Philadelphia Phillies and Toronto Blue Jays championship teams could be the perfect candidate for the perennial frustrations of the Cubs.

The Cubs, of course, have a long way to go. They have ridiculous amounts of money tied up in players that are far from being worthy of such extensions (a la Alfonso Soriano). They have a couple of stars to build around — especially Starlin Castro and minor league hero Brett Jackson — to go with some solid bats, but they’re far from contending in the NL Central.

Still Gillick is a name the team would have to trust if they’re serious about righting the ship. He’s gotten it right multiple times thus far, so given the curse around the franchise, the Cubs could do much worse than giving Gillick a chance.