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Royals Alex Gordon Singles For 500th Career Hit Vs. BoSox

It was a great night for Royals baseball, but it was especially so for Alex Gordon. The Royals left fielder who is already having a career year singled his way to his 500th career hit last night in the 9-4 win over the Boston Red Sox. The hit came in the 8th inning and Gordon said he wasn’t even aware it was time.

“I had no idea it was coming up and I heard everybody clapping and looked up [at the scoreboard] and saw it,” Gordon said. “Whenever you do something like that, it’s great to do it at home, because you get that recognition from the fans, so that was surprising and good to see.”

On the year, Gordon has a .296 batting average to go with 16 home runs and 65 RBI.