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Drafting Of Terrelle Pryor Represents Typical Oakland Raiders All-Or-Nothing Approach

The Oakland Raiders played their cards just like they always do, so the Terrelle Pryor sweepstakes unfolded exactly like you might have predicted. Today’s big news at the NFL Supplemental Draft is that the Oakland Raiders added the talented yet troubled Ohio State quarterback in the third round of the SD — giving up their third round selection in the process in the 2012 NFL Draft.

Even with the suspension and issues surrounding his career at Ohio State, there’s no doubting his tremendous talent. First of all, the man is 6-6, 233 lbs, so he’s built like a linebacker even though he can outrun most of them and throw the ball quite well. The sheer athleticism he brings to the position is undoubtedly what drew Al Davis and the Raiders brass to Pryor’s stock in the first place. He also had a 65% completion percentage last season — the magic number for quarterbacks making the transition. In the process, he threw for 27 touchdowns and 11 interceptions and added another 754 yards rushing with 4 additional touchdowns.

Some have questioned whether Pryor can handle the quarterback position at the NFL level, so they’ve discussed a possible transition to the wide receiver position. Even if that’s the case, Pryor is clearly an accomplished athlete who is worth a gamble at either spot. The Raiders have needs at most offensive skill positions besides running back, so Pryor should fit in well. Now, whether or not that’s worth a third rounder, only time will tell.

It should also be noted that the Raiders now only possess one first round choice in the 2012 draft after already trading away their second and fourth round selections next year. The Raiders are banking on having enough young talent in house to develop on their own. It’s likely that this will either be a day that changed the face of the AFC West and one team’s fortunes, or another example of Al Davis’ odd personnel decisions.