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Former Chiefs RB Larry Johnson Joins Miami Dolphins Backfield

In an attempt to bolster the backfield for an anemic Miami offense, former Chiefs running back Larry Johnson has been added to the training camp fold alongside new rookie Daniel Thomas from Kansas State and former Saints RB Reggie Bush. It’s a totally new look for the Dolphins who need a burst after failing to address the mess at quarterback this offseason.


In his prime, Johnson was as good of a running back as you’d find in the NFL, but his latter years haven’t been so kind. Last year, he had 5 rushing attempts for 2 yards for the Redskins and the year before brought a 3.3 rushing average between his work for the Chiefs and Bengals.


Clearly the Dolphins are hoping the veteran has something left in the tank, and perhaps that’s true since he hasn’t been overused the last year or so. Then again, that could be because there was nothing left to use.