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Second Round Choice Reportedly New Cost For New York Giants Osi Umenyiora

The drama doesn’t help. Neither does the injury history. But it still seems ridiculous that the New York Giants cannot receive a decent haul for one of the best pass rushers in the NFL right now in Osi Umenyiora. Despite missing all of 2008 with an injury, Umenyiora has still averaged 10+ sacks per season over his last five seasons played, including 11.5 last year.

The Giants are tired of Umenyiora’s routine and harping on wanting to be paid like a top five defensive end, but it’s not as if he doesn’t have a case. He is a top five defensive end, an absolute force against the opponent’s quarterback, which is the top value on defense today. Having an Asomugha is one thing. Having an elite pass rusher is even better.

Now the Giants have reportedly lowered their asking price to a second round choice, something that Pro Football Talk broke the news on early this morning. If that’s true, then some team is going to pounce and enjoy the spoils, likely a team with an extra choice that’s already rich — like the New England Patriots. If that’s true, then the NFL should watch out with a player like Umenyiora who will undoubtedly have a chip on his shoulder as well.