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NFL To Possibly Test Blood For Human Growth Hormones (HGH) In September

Several changes have already taken place with the new collective bargaining agreement in the NFL, but one more major step may be coming that would signal a major change in the way major sports conduct themselves. The New York Times is reporting that the NFL is willing to start testing its players for HGH as soon as this September, and the only parameters to work out yet are how often and which players will be tested.

The NFL wants to position itself as a leader in confronting drug usage among its athletes, and this is a prime chance to do so — with the help of the player union. However, as the New York Times reports:

As of Tuesday, though, the union was adamant that a deal on drug testing had yet to be reached, and its officials would not express an opinion on how confident they were that testing for H.G.H would be part of any final agreement.

Still, with the CBA already in place, expect this to happen soon and for players like Brian Cushing to be found out more often. Some surprises might be in store for both players and fans.