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NFL Free Agency: LeRon McClain Joins Kansas City Chiefs On One-Year Deal

The Kansas City Chiefs have added veteran running back/full back LeRon McClain from the Baltimore Ravens. This move strengthens an already formidable Chiefs rushing attack that led the NFL in 2010.

The one year deal gives the Chiefs a chance to see if McClain could be an answer for Thomas Jones', whose contract expires after this year. McClain is a versatile player that will most likely line up all over the backfield for the Chiefs and help them on short yardage situations carrying the ball.

There was rumored interest over the past week that McClain would be headed to Kansas City, but just a few days ago there was discussions that the Chiefs had not yet contacted McClain. With free agents not having to report to training camp until August 4th it makes sense that McClain and the Chiefs came to an agreement the day before he would need to report to camp.

Chiefs fans should be excited with the weapons that have been added this offseason to the offensive side of the ball. Steve Breaston, Jon Baldwin and LeRon McClain give Matt Cassel and the offense plenty of firepower to score in bunches, and McClain gives the running game another physical presence to pound the ball when ahead late in a game.