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NFL Free Agency: Kansas City Chiefs Lock Up Tamba Hali With Five-Year Contract

The Kansas City Chiefs locked up arguably their most important player with a five-year extension. Tamba Hali signs a five-year $60 Million extension, with $35 Million guaranteed.

For those Chiefs fans that were worried that the pockets were a little tight at 1 Arrowhead Drive this offseason, this extension should put an end to that talk. Hali's contract is still below the contract that DeMarcus Ware signed with the Dallas Cowboys that offered around $13 Million per year. But this is a win-win for the Chiefs and for Hali. He will again be a free agent at the age of 32 and should be in-line for another pay day if he continues on this same path.

The Chiefs solidified the pass rush for the next five years and the quarterbacks around the AFC West cannot be thrilled with this news. This has been a slam-dunk offseason for the Chiefs and they've positioned themselves very nicely for the foreseeable future.

The Chiefs said at the end of last season that they wanted to keep Hali in Kansas City, and Hali had said that he wanted to be a Chief. Both parties got their business taken care of and the rest of the Chiefs players get to see that this organization will take care of you when you take care of your business the correct way.

This shouldn't be the last contract extension that is completed for the Chiefs this year as Brandon Flowers and Brandon Carr could be next in line for extensions. But signing Hali long-term should give Chiefs fans a collective sigh of relief that not only did they keep Hali in Kansas City, they showed the fans that they will open their pockets and take care of their own.