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NFL Free Agency: Will Kansas City Chiefs Add Any More Significant Pieces Via FA Signing?

They've plugged the hole at defensive tackle. They've added the necessary pieces at wideout. They've signed further muscle in the backfield. They've added depth and pass rushing options at linebacker. Is there anything left on the Kansas City Chiefs off-season shopping list? At least, realistically speaking?

Most Chiefs fans would like to see some more pieces added. The case could be made for a veteran OLB like Matt Roth or a veteran back-up at quarterback. Some fans have called for another defensive tackle to help in the rotation. But at this rate, most fans seem to realize that Scott Pioli is as fine as Uncle Scrooge sitting on bags of money if he doesn't feel like spending it. Pioli has his way and that's what fans have to deal with -- like it or not. The Chiefs aren't going to pull a Redskins or Eagles sort of maneuver. Hell, they're not even the Rams (who have signed 9 FA and counting this off-season).

So it seems the Chiefs might be finished unless some surprising free agents are left standing in the end who could be had for cheap deals that make sense. It seems Pioli played a bit of a waiting game on Le'Ron McClain and the final deal was only for one year. Perhaps others left standing like a left tackle in the mold of a Max Starks or Bryant McKinnie will find a sliding stock slipping right into Pioli territory. At this point, it's anyone's call and honestly, I've gotten tired of being wrong at this point.

However, I think it's safe to say that fans shouldn't expect anything at this point moving forward. That way, if the Chiefs do sign another player, then it's a pleasant surprise. But it also keeps fans from being disappointed that the Chiefs don't trade for Osi Umenyiora and sign Braylon Edwards in the same afternoon. These types of moves just aren't going to happen.