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Week 14 - Going for the first down

You decide to give the ball to the fullback we just signed for this particular situation. Kudos to you kind sir. Well I don't know if you are kind but you are smart with this call. McClain bulldozes his way to a first down and leaves Bart Scott flat on his back looking up at McClain, who WILL tweet about this situation within minutes of the game being over.

The game is over. The Jets are noticeably frustrated after this play and the Chiefs march their way to the end zone to finish off the Jets 17-6 in New York.

AP is buzzing this week with optimism about the Chiefs and a little jabbing towards the Pac-10/12 defendists. Sanchize loses it during the press game conference and the entire week following talks more about whether Sanchize is the answer for the Jets at quarterback. Barely any mention of the Chiefs, and so it continues....