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Matt Forte Attempts To Hold Chicago Bears Hostage For New Deal

In a move that’s difficult to tell (at least from the slant of the Chicago Tribune writer) whether it’s all about a contract or not, Matt Forte is apparently willing to sit out the NFL preseason schedule in hopes of securing a new contract, much the same as Chris Johnson and DeSean Jackson from the Titans and Eagles respectively. Who knows if such moves will work, but that’s good news for the rest of the offensive backfield trying to make the team.

Forte realizes as he’s in the final year of his rookie deal, his $550K payday isn’t going to set him up for life. He’s on the edge of that first monster contract and yet he also has to be careful with a year to play until he gets it. With an attitude that’s looking out for his own interests, the Bears might not be too thrilled with Forte’s “I’m out to get mine” mindset and play chicken.

For Forte, it’s understandable to an extent. The mess of Soldier Field seems the primary focus of Tribune writer Brad Biggs, even though the article is supposed to be about Forte’s holdout. The two are connected given Forte (or any Bear for that matter) doesn’t want to run on the horrible playing surface in Chicago’s home stadium. At the same time, that doesn’t negate Forte’s frustrating attitude.

For a team that ranked 30th in total offense, losing Forte in practice isn’t going to help matters. But it’s as not as if the Bears don’t have some options. Steady veterans like Chester Taylor and Marion Barber are both in house, so Forte is picking a ridiculous time to make a fuss. If the Bears were weak at the position, he’d have some leverage, but despite last year’s rebound from a weak 2009, Forte still isn’t in a position to break the bank.