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Signs Point To Royals In Bubba Starling's Looming Decision Concerning Nebraska Cornhuskers

Will he or won’t he? That’s been the primary question facing Bubba Starling for the last two months, and he has approximately 9 days left to make his decision before it will be made for him. The decision is between playing football for the Nebraska Cornhuskers as they enter the Big 10 as a quarterback recruit or whether to play for the Kansas City Royals as their first round selection at No. 5 overall. Thus far, he’s been spending his time in offseason workouts with the Cornhuskers.

But now, Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini has noted that Starling is disappearing officially from the program until he makes his decision — the date of which is due August 15. That’s the final day that Starling can sign with the Royals and receive what will no doubt be a fine payday — around $8 million or more. That’s a lot of money for anyone to turn down, regardless of what else might be under consideration.

Starling is a gifted athlete in both football and baseball and it’s that dual love and ability that has him in this position now. With his departure from the team environment of Nebraska, we say that’s a good sign that the Royals and their incredible offer will most likely win out in the end.