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Top Ranked Guard Marcus Smart Commits To Oklahoma State

In a move to match his close friend Phil Forte, top rated shooting guard Marcus Smart announced his commitment to Oklahoma State in a move that will certainly make the Cowboys a major contender in men’s basketball — no matter what conference they are in. Smart was also choosing between Oklahoma and North Carolina among others, but in the end, it was the ability to play with his friend, a fellow shooting guard, that won in the end.

The 6-3 guard was recently ranked at No. 11 on ESPN’s top 100 and their scouting report reads, "Smart is one of the most unique players in all of high school basketball. He can impact the game at both ends of the floor due to his skill set and physical approach. He has leadership qualities and his demeanor is contagious. If he can continue to hone his perimeter skills and post up game he is projected to resemble the Louisville guards of the 1980’s."