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Oakland Raiders Terrelle Pryor To Have Appeal Meeting Thursday For Suspension

The Oakland Raiders’ supplemental draft pick Terrelle Pryor is facing a five-game suspension in the NFL for what happened at Ohio State. As silly as that sounds, that’s the reality from Roger Goodell now facing Pryor and the quarterback is hoping a suspension might soften the blow. His appeal meeting has finally been set for tomorrow and the announcement should be made soon as to just how much time Pryor will end up missing this season.

The Raiders aren’t going to unleash Pryor on the viewing public anytime soon, but it’s important that Pryor has a chance to move forward and start his pro career with the past behind him. There’s nothing the suspension will prove at the NFL level, and the entire thing just makes the commissioner look ridiculous at this stage. Perhaps he will cancel the whole thing, but I’d expect him to drop it to three games at least to save some face.