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Kansas City Chiefs Among The Tallest And Lightest Players In NFL

As players get bigger, faster and stronger in the NFL, the make-up of the traditional NFL roster changes over time. More and more players are heavier than ever along the line, but the Kansas City Chiefs are not among the those teams making such moves. In fact, the Chiefs have the fewest players in the NFL over 300 pounds.

The Chiefs currently have 7 players tipping the scales at 300 or over, tied with the Panthers for the least in the league. Compare that with teams like the Bills with 16, the Jets with 14, the Cowboys with 13 or the Steelers with 12.

The Chiefs also have one of the tallest rosters in the NFL. The Chiefs and the Giants have only 5 players under 6-feet tall in the NFL, and many teams have more than twice that. The Lions, by comparison, have 16 players under 6-feet. The Redskins have 13 and the Saints have 12, but several teams have twice as many as the Chiefs.

It’s an interesting roster dynamic that shows just how committed the Chiefs are to developing team speed, while the Bills move toward a beefier squad. It’s the endless size v. speed debate in the NFL and time will tell whether the move was good or bad.