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Ozzie Guillen And Chicago White Sox To Go Seperate Ways

It has been rumored for more than a year that Ozzie Guillen would eventually become the next manager of the Florida Marlins, and it appears we are now closer than ever to that actually happening as it has been announced that Guillen has been released from his contract.

Earlier in the day on Monday, current Marlins manager Jack McKeon announced he would be retiring which officially opened the door for the Marlins managerial posistion.

While it is certainly rare that a baseball manager is traded, it certainly isn’t unheard of. The last manager involved in a trade was Lou Pinella, who in 2002 was traded by the Mariners (along with a minor leaguer) to the Devil Rays for Randy Winn.

The compensation is still being worked out, but at the moment it appears Guillen will be traded to the Marlins any day now for compensation involving a prospect. You can follow the situation over at Baseball Nation, part of the SB Nation network.