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MLB Playoffs: The Pairings Are Set After A Dramatic Night Of Baseball

Wednesday evening was the perfect example of what the wild card system was meant to be as two teams had melt downs and allowed both the Cardinals and Rays to make it into the postseason.

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What an evening it was, from the meltdown of the Braves to the Orioles rally in the bottom of the ninth and climaxing on an Evan Longoria walk-off home run to put the Rays into the playoffs, the field is now set. Not enough can be said about the Rays battling back from a 7-0 deficit to the Yankees in the bottom of the eighth inning.

Now that we can sort it all out we know the matchups-

American League

Detroit Tigers vs New York Yankees (Yankees have home field)

Tampa Bay Rays vs Texas Rangers (Rangers have home field)

National League

St. Louis Cardinals vs Philadelphia Phillies (Phillies have home field)

Arizona Diamondbacks vs Milwaukee Brewers (Brewers have home field)

The first games begun on Friday in Texas at 4pm (CST) with the game to follow in New York at 7:30pm (CST). All games of the playoffs can be seen on TBS. The National League teams will get their start on Saturday afternoon.