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Curtis Painter Likely Starting At Quarterback For Indianapolis Colts, Could Await Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs play the Vikings this week, but it’s a week five match-up against the Colts that could feature someone new under center — a move that will undoubtedly affect the way the Chiefs prepare for them. Today it was reported that Curtis Painter is likely to be the starting quarterback for the Colts this weekend and that might be the decision coming from the top down. If that’s the case, then that might be good news for the Chiefs.

Then again, it’s not as if Kerry Collins was putting anything impressive together as the QB for the Colts. If anything, the position has been a total mess for the Colts and while some might point to the long drive at the end of the Steelers game with Painter under center, there’s a reason the Colts threw Painter under the bus before the season started by signing Collins in the first place.

The Chiefs face two winless teams in a row and the hope here is that the team can pick up their first two wins and come back home 2-3 with some momentum after week five. Of course, those teams are undoubtedly viewing the Chiefs in the exact same way.