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Redskins Dump Intriguing Safety Chris Horton

The Kansas City Chiefs are bound to scour the wire today for free agents who pique their interest. Given the rotation behind starters Kendrick Lewis and Eric Berry at safety, it wouldn’t be surprising for the Chiefs to pounce on a safety like Chris Horton.

Horton was just cut today and is still young at 26. He was a 7th round choice in 2008 for the Skins, but made an immediate impact when he actually started the second game of the season and had 2 interceptions and a forced fumble.

His coverage skills aren’t the best as he gets burned deep, but for teams using him at the line of scrimmage, he’s a great hitter against the run and also excels on special teams. He’s exactly the kind of player the Chiefs could add in place of someone like Sabby Piscitelli.