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Baylor's Robert Griffin III Could Become Sleeper MVP Of Big 12

The amazing day enjoyed by Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III today in the team’s surprise 50-48 win over No. 14 TCU puts the senior on the Big 12 map in a major way. With his performance — 21 of 27 for 359 yards and 5 touchdowns — Griffin might belong in the same talk as Justin Blackmon and Landry Jones.

Of course, it’s early in the season, but it’s hard to dismiss such a performance on a national stage against such a dynamic team as TCU. Griffin did everything he could to make sure that Baylor could overtake TCU’s incredible offense, and it’s that type of “watch this” performance that voters remember at season’s end.

Baylor has a long way to go this season against some tougher opponents, but Robert Griffin III is definitely on a short watch list at this point.