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Colts' Peyton Manning Reportedly Out Two Or Three Months With Cervical Fusion Surgery

Chris Mortensen is reporting that Peyton Manning, the ironman quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts, underwent surgery this morning to continue to repair nerve damage that’s been plaguing him and the rehab time is typically two to three months. If the reports are true, that means that the Colts will be without their MVP for at least half of the season if not more.

This directly affects the Chiefs and guarantees that they will see a shell of the former Colts, which makes the schedule on the front half a little easier. As for the Colts, it’s frustrating for a team to lose so much hope with one announcement. The good news is that the timetable may allow him to return near season’s end if the Colts are still in it. If so, that will make for a dynamic storyline heading into the playoffs.