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Chiefs Vs. Broncos: Romeo Crennel, Kyle Orton Hope To Reverse Kansas City's Losing Streak In Denver

If making the NFL playoffs is the only goal for any team in the league to play for, then the Kansas City Chiefs technically have nothing to play for. But when you dive into the layers of pressures and goals facing the Chiefs on Sunday against the Denver Broncos, many reasons to play appear -- whether it's player pride, keeping interim head coach Romeo Crennel on board for next season or momentum heading into next year. For some, the rivalry with the Denver Broncos presents enough given their current streak in Denver.

Bill Williamson writes, "There are some interesting trends going into this pivotal weekend. The Chiefs -- who will be trying to help interim coach Romeo Crennel become the full-time coach -- are 1-9 in their last 10 trips to Denver." Even last year when the Broncos only had four wins all season, the Chiefs visiting Denver were good for one. That's how bad the Chiefs have been in the altitude of Mile High.

Kyle Orton at the helm might change things since he's used to the climate after several season with the Broncos. That's part of the hopes the Chiefs carry into Denver this weekend as there's still plenty to play for after all.