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Chiefs' Romeo Crennel Praises Brandon Carr For Growth In 2011 Season

Brandon Carr is the unheralded one, the cornerback in Kansas City who seems to go unnoticed while other members of the secondary receive the primary praise. Yet anyone watching the Chiefs closely knows that Carr is as valuable as anyone else -- including Brandon Flowers or Eric Berry. Carr, now on the verge of free agency, is now in a prime seat to get paid, and to receive some well-deserved accolades of his own.

Interim head coach Romeo Crennel said he's been impressed with Carr this season and how he's grown through a trying season on the defense.

"I think the biggest improvement has been that teams have seemed to test him a little bit this year," Crennel said in his most recent interview, "and he’s been able to stand up to the test and make plays. I think that’s the biggest improvement. I think he’s gained confidence in his game and his ability and what he feels like he can do week-in and week-out, and that’s a positive."

Paired with Flowers, the two make a dynamic duo and Chiefs fans hope to see Carr locked up to a long-term extension soon enough. Together, Crennel says they're a strong veteran duo who have gotten past the errors of their rookie and early seasons and can now stand with anyone in the NFL.

"I think they’ve seen enough now that they can probably say that they’re veteran guys. They understand what it takes to play the position that they play."