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Chiefs Vs. Broncos: Tim Tebow And Kyle Orton Have Various Motivations For Today's Game

Kyle Orton likely took it quite personally when he was released by the Denver Broncos. After all, a rejection is a rejection, no matter if you realize the NFL is a business or not. Thus, the fact that the Broncos no longer wanted him under center or even on the roster was a slap in the face. That said, for Tim Tebow, it was a vote of confidence. Thus today is a chance not only for redemption for one quarterback, but it’s a chance for validation for the other as the Chiefs face the Broncos today at Mile High. That’s what Jeff Darlington writes about today for

Darlington writes, "What does all of it mean for this week? It means Tebow has the opportunity to help allow Fox and Elway to validate their decision to first bench Orton and later release him.

“When the Broncos cut Orton, they were very aware that he could wind up with the Chiefs, sources said. But they also had three mindsets while doing so: (1) It allowed them to allocate the saved money toward signing bonuses for other players in 2012; (2) It allowed Tebow to have better control of the locker room; and (3) the Broncos were confident, even if they had to eventually face Orton, that they could beat him.”