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Kyle Orton Is 'Better NFL Quarterback' Than Tim Tebow

Today’s contest between the Denver Broncos and the Kansas City Chiefs has many people paying attention, particularly for the quarterbacks involved. Kyle Orton faces his old team in the Broncos while Tim Tebow, his replacement, hopes to help the Broncos win the AFC West title and earn a playoff spot. Between the two of them, Matt Williamson of Scouts, Inc. says he knows which one he would want in the game today.

“I would rather have Orton for one game,” Williamson said. "I do get that Tebow plays his best in big games, and Orton has rarely showed that ability. But Orton is the better NFL quarterback right now and his experience puts it over the top for me.”

The Chiefs are certainly hoping that’s the case since Romeo Crennel would 2-1 as a head coach for the Chiefs as interim if they win today, including a win against the Packers and another on the road against a division rival in the Broncos. That would go a long way toward convincing the powers-that-be that Crennel is the right guy for the job to replace Todd Haley for the long term.