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Chris Kuper Injury Update And Video: Broncos Guard Could Miss Post-Season

Chris Kuper, one of the Denver Broncos’ starting guards, went down with an injury earlier in the Chiefs game and it’s clear he won’t be returning for not only this game, but perhaps the rest of the postseason. As ESPN’s Bill Williamson speculates, the Broncos might have to rethink their offensive line if they are able to move forward into the post-season.

"While it is early in the process, Kuper‘s availability for the postseason is likely in question if Denver wins the division," writes Bill Williamson. "Russ Hochstein replaced him. Kuper is one of Denver’s best offensive linemen. The entire Denver offense surrounding the cart before Kuper was taken off the field. In another nice gesture, former Denver and current Kansas City quarterback Kyle Orton spent some time with Kuper while he was being attended to."

Max Mandel says that not only does Kuper’s injury hurt, but the Broncos also lost Spencer Larsen at fullback. "The loss of Kuper could be a significant blow for the offensive line. Kuper serves as an offensive captain for the Broncos, and the offensive guard has been excellent this season. Larsen has made 15 appearances this season and has rushed for 44 yards on 14 carries in the fullback role."