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Is Dwayne Bowe Injured For Chiefs Against Broncos?

Dwayne Bowe provided several highlights at wide receiver for the Kansas City Chiefs in today’s first half against the Denver Broncos at Mile High Stadium. It’s the same thing he’s provided all season long, and Kyle Orton will need his primary wideout for the second half if the team is going to win today and end their season on a positive note. That said, will Bowe even be available?

That’s a question confronting Chiefs fans at this point who do not know what Bowe’s status will be coming out for the game’s second half since it was clear Bowe got hit hard after catching a 20-yard pass just before halftime. Josh Looney wrote that Bowe looked “shook up” and others on Twitter were wondering about a shoulder injury.

Mike Freeman of CBS wrote, “Bowe is very wobbly after hit. Started walking towards wrong sideline. Almost fell over.”

Bowe had 6 catches for 93 yards in the first half alone.