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AFC Playoff Picture 2011: Broncos In With Win Or Raiders Loss

If the Denver Broncos can overcome Tim Tebow’s poor performance so far in the game against the Kansas City Chiefs today at Mile High Stadium, they will find themselves heading for the NFL Playoffs. That’s the easiest way for the Broncos to claim the AFC West title and gain that coveted postseason spot in John Fox’s first year as the team’s head coach. That said, that’s not the only way.

If the Oakland Raiders cannot keep the San Diego Chargers from playing the role of spoiler at home in Oakland today, the Broncos will automatically head to the playoffs as well, giving them the advantage to win the AFC West. San Diego is currently up 24-13 near the end of the first half and the Raiders have no answer for Philip Rivers whatsoever.

The Chiefs and the Chargers are out of any playoff picture, and yet both teams are currently playing to win this Sunday afternoon.