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Jonathan Baldwin Promises AFC West Title For Chiefs In 2012

Despite the poor overall team performance from the Kansas City Chiefs in 2011, there are definitely reasons for optimism. After all, the Chiefs were one blocked kick away from being in the playoffs right now despite losing several key players to injury — from an All Pro running back to a promising tight end to their starting quarterback to a dynamic safety. In addition, the Chiefs also endured drama in the front office, a locker room fight and the eventual firing of head coach Todd Haley. Talk about a tough season.

Jonathan Baldwin must sense the possibilities ahead when he writes on Twitter, “A guys I promise you next season I will be better than ever. No setbacks I love y’all. We will win the AFC west for sure!”

It’s certainly not a stretch at all to picture the Chiefs winning next season. The Raiders shoot themselves in the foot and have no draft picks to speak of until 2037. The Broncos are riding a Tebow train that clearly did not get better under center with experience. The Chargers are their own worst enemy and have more holes on their offensive line than anyone in the NFL after this season.

It’s nice to hear such optimism since it’s not blind but founded optimism. Chiefs fans hope Baldwin is right in 2012 and that he’s a primary reason behind it.